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Paintless dent removal frequently asked questions

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What is the cost of paintless dent removal (PDR)?
Every dent repair cost varies depending on the severity of the dent, its location and the time involved removing it. But we are always pleased to give a free no obligation quote.
How long does a dent removal take?
A minor door dent can usually be removed in as little as 45 minutes, but a larger more complex dent can sometimes take up to 2 to 3 hours, which we will be more than happy carry out at your home or work place, whichever is more convenient for yourself.
Can any dent be removed?
Unfortunately not, if the dent is within 10mm of the edge of a panel it may not be accessible due to the multiple metal skins and sealers, also the sharpness of the impact point which caused the dent can leave the metal stretched beyond repair. See our dent removal gallery for examples of dents we’ve removed.
Will PDR damage my paintwork?
Today's factory paints are very flexible and can handle being moved back and forth during the dent removal process, PDR is the only way to remove dents while keeping your factory paint unmarked and original..
Will the dent ever return?
Absolutely not, once the dent is realigned to its original form its gone for good!